Abarill is a mid size community in the shadow of the ruins of Agorras Keep. It is one of 4 towns and villages along the Khasmodean Foothills and it is the gateway town for the Khasmodean Pass, which has not been used for hundreds of years. There is farming in the region, enough to feed the inhabitants of the village, and there are many tradesmen living in Abarill. There are approximately 3000 living within the walls and another 800 living out in the countryside and the numbers are made up of members of every civilized race, though the word civilized is used loosely.


Abarill was founded almost immediately after the Crownbreaker Wars by those who survived the sundering of Agorras Keep. Slowly those who had been at the rear of the Agorran armies at the time of the sundering made their way back home and many of them settled in Abarill. The first few years were tough but the townsfolk elected their first Elder, Elder Brant, and under his guidance the town flourished.


Abarill is governed by an Elder who is elected every 10 years, and a council of 7 men and women appointed by the Elder. The people can deem an elder unfit to rule if they petition a majority in the council. In the event that this happens there is another election and the former Elder is not allowed to hold any sort of office in the town ever again.

Abarill has a highly effective chapter of the Shadow Guild, the one thieves guild to survive the sundering, the founding chapter of the Stoneworker’s Guild, and a fledgling mercenary company calling themselves the Knights of the Talon.

Places of Interest

  • Inns

The Broken Crown: Located in the Trade district. The Broken Crown is known across the Khasmodean Range and beyond as the place to make illicit deals in the Agorran Hinterlands. It is very poorly lit, very noisy, and is home to near constant brawling. The building is furnished with whatever the innkeeper could find and it looks like three buildings jammed together. The main building is a very sturdy looking stone building that looks like two wooden houses were jammed into it from the south and from the east.

The Singing Mule: Located just inside the Agorras Gate, The Singing Mule is just as well known as The Broken Crown if not for being cleaner, safer, or better furnished then it is known for its patrons. The many adventurers who go into Agorras Keep. The patrons are responsible for their own safety inside the Inn just as they are inside the keep which keeps the Inn fairly safe. The Inn itself is a large two story building that was one of the few outbuildings of the keep to remain intact. It is a very sturdy stone building decorated with local timber. They serve any alcohol that they can get but are well known for their Rock Ale.

The Garrrrhghk: The only permanent structure that has managed to stay standing in the Orc district, thanks to its owner Momma Ogrumbu. The only drink that they serve is Bruubgruub and the order is only kept because of the number of skulls that Momma Ogrumbu has bashed in with her Ornate Scepter, which she claims to have found one day whilst picking mushrooms in the forest. The rooms are no more than a great room with sheets hanging down from the ceiling to divide up the space and the beds are no more than a skin thrown over a pile of hay, but the room is cheap and the Bruubgruub smokes when you spill it on the floor.

  • Temples

House of Stone: Temple of Zam.

Shrine of the Sun: Temple of Hvar.

Garden of the Three Fold Maiden: Temple of Manah.

  • Ruins

Agorras Keep: The ruins of the seat of power for the Kingdom of Agorras. It is not known why it is such a dangerous place, only that it is and it is full or riches and glory waiting to be grasped by a daring adventurer.

Agorran Sewers: Not much is known about the ancient sewers except that those who go in do not come out.


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