The Hinterlands

And then they met.

It was a crisp, cool fall morning when they met at Mud Creek. Victor had just woken up face down in Mud Burrow and had come to wash the filth off of himself and his tent, which he had failed to set up the night before. It was then that she saw her dog and a series of shouts, slaps, and mercantile actions later Victor and the Elf were off to town to have a drink.

On this very morning Phylar was in hiding in The Garrrrhghk after having run afoul of the guards in the chapter house of the Merchant’s Guild the night before. He was sitting at the bar with Brub when his handler came in to speak with him, telling him that he wasn’t to pull any jobs within the city for the next few weeks until the Shadow Guild came to him with his last job as an initiate.

After this Victor and his Elf friend came into the bar and started imbibing Bruubgruub and wound up quite intoxicated. Soon after a group of adventurers came in bragging about the money they had made selling an item they found in the ruins of the keep. Phylar rescued one of the adventurers from a group of orcs while liberating him from his changepurse. The four decided to go off to the keep. This is where they are now.


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